A Cappella
Cuvée Gabriel
Y'a d'la Joie
Cot Cabernet

For an ecological approach, we cultivate the soil of our vineyards.

To return to the wines we produce in area, we deliberately do wine for meals and fun, as we like to enjoy and share


Overall, our red wines are fruity and powerful, and our white and rosé wines combine fruit and freshness.


Our range is built in our image, each of our wines was baptized, you will find


- Our history, with Cuvée Hugues

- Our vineyard with wine A Cappella

- Our family, with the vintage Louis Gabriel

- Our passion, with the key Phi


Each wine has its own history, its own personality.

We invite you to discover in the section "Wine"

A range in our image

8, route de l'Ormeau - 41400 Saint Julien de Chédon - France - Tel : + 33.2 54 32 73 74

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